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In a world where three billion people are connected online, cryptocurrency has playing an important role bringing a silent revolution to bring financial freedom for all.

The payment infrastructure must be rebooted and cryptocurrency exchanges are the new and modern banking system.

What is StrongHands Exchange

SHNDX is a new decentralized exchange created in partnership with Birake Network easy-to-use for day traders and long term investors. Has a great user interface to assess you in your cryptocurrency trading.

Our main features include:


  • Secure and stable
  • Future connection with fiat payment gateways
  • SHND and SHMN Markets (soon)
  • Integration with iOS and Android (soon)
  • Supported by StrongHands Project
  • 100+ different trading pairs already listed

SHNDX is built to last. Our development activity and quality are among the highest in the cryptospace. 

Soon we will bring you iOS and Android Wallets, Windows and Mac Clients.

Your funds will be always safe. Our team has developed a secure system to keep your crypto well protected

Come to earn with us making the best trades.

Trade realtime, anywhere.

Comming Soon

To attend our Community and New Investors, the development of more features is undergoing

SHNDX MOBILE is a Powerful crypto trading platform for those who trade to earn, hold and stake. Very soon we will launch our new mobile applications for a better experience.

Soon available at

Our Partners & Supporters

Our Exchange Tech

The Platform

SHNDX is created in partnership with Birake Network, a great platform already approved by the cryptomarket. We truly believe decentralization is the future to guarantee the best privacy practices in the market

  • Connectivity across secure trading network
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Great liquidity

Privacy Is Priority

Many new features will surprise you during our development. Our fast KYC service needs only one step to guarantee your data and keep you safe from AML legislations from many countries.

Payment gateways (soon)

Fast deposits and withdraws

Easy funding verification


The StrongHands Community Network


The StrongHands Community has been active since 2014 when SHND was released, since then supporters have been increasing year after year.

The Founders

Meet The Team

Valter Ribeiro
Strategic Operations
Alex Freire
FullStack Engineer
Michael Larry
Project Manager
Thomas Orr
Financial Administration

Registered in the United Kingdom

Project Updates


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SHND and SHMN have different Whitepapers, however all integrate one big ecosystem where SHNDX will be the heart of entire StrongHands Project.

Stay tuned about our next steps

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