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List Your Project at SHNDX Pro With Lowered Fees

Dear Friends,

We are working hard with preparations to launch SHNDX Pro and we have some great news for communities interested on trading with us. For our team, it is very important great communities in our portfolio so we have taken very audacious decisions to increase our business.

Listing Fees reduced for $100

We have decided to bring more communities over, and this reduction will be for two months which is the timing for getting SHNDX Pro ready with SHND and SHMN trading pairs, but there will be some restrictions:

  1. Community has to keep at least 14 trades minimum for week;
  2. A minimum of $1,500 volume in trades per month;
  3. The $100 fee will be paid only after coin/token launch in the new platform;
  4. If this not above happening project manager will receive a warning and coin/token shall be delisted.

If you want to get listed under this special program, please fill up our form here. After this process our listing manager will contact you for details.

Thank you very much!

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