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Welcome to StrongHands Exchange

Thank you very much for embarking in this amazing journey with us!

Dear Community, here we are!

Finally after two years struggling battling with financial difficulties, FUD and more than you can imagine we are starting our new exchange in partnership with Birake Network and Broad Analytica.

With this blog post we are happy to announce the launch of our shiny new SHNDX DEX connected to the Birake Network. We are expecting to reach 1 million dollars/day in business in order to develop more the platform bringing more investors everyday.

We consider this as a start of new journey as the first public pilot, and the community is welcome to join the network, contribute resources, issues, identify painpoints and give feedback on useability.  We encourage those who can afford to join our exchange and give exclusivity generating great volume to pass on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko scrutiny.

We envision shaping this project with more and more community involvement, so we are inviting those interested to join

How does SHNDX will work?

SHNDX will work with cold storage for great security, all coordinated by the Birake Network, the decentralization will protect you against phishing with security layers. We are also implementing more with 2FA and fast KYC verification.

We really want to thank you for being part of this and also very grateful for you patience so far, for sure we will keep up the hard work to make you happy and always stay with us!

Before going, thanks to our community who held this with us so far, you guys are amazing.

Yours sincerely,


The StrongHands Exchange Team

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